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Leadership is a significant part of Human Resources and the work place.  Leadership is key to help rally the employees together and justify them under one cause.  Too many cooks spoil the pot.  A leader must take all of the ideas of the subordinates beneath them and unify them as a team.  This is no easy task but is definatly able to be accomplished.  Without the proper leadership applied in the workplace employees tend to decrease in effciency. For example,



The process by which information is transmitted and understood between two or more people.  Transmitting the sender’s intended meaning (not just symbols) is the essence of good communication

In class today, we watched a video that showed the difference between the way men and women communicate.  Found a video from one of my favorite shows to demenstrate the essesnce between conversations between men and women. On a second note, this video demenstrates getting to the point.

Sexual harrassment is a type of harassment in which a person’s employment or job performance is conditional and depends on unwanted sexual relations(called quid pro quo harrassment) and/or  the person experiences sexual conduct from others performance or creates an intimidating, hostile, or offensive working environment (called hostile work environmet harrassment).

The number of charges alleging sexual harrassment in the United States has declined steadily from 16,000 in 2000 to less than 13,000 today.  Approximately 15% of sexual harassment clains are filed by men.  The Equal Employment Oppurtunity Commission attributes the improvement to better supervisor training and concerted management action to address sexual harassment issues before they reach litigation

– This article is just one of the many cases that are on going about sexual harssment

Consequences of Stress!

There are three categories, all three of these categories have different consequences from stress

1. physiological – cardiovascular disease, hypertension, headaches.

2. behavioral – work performance, absenteeism, aggression and poor decisions

3. Psychological- dissatisfaction, moodiness, depression – an interesting way to deal with stress at your workplace.

In class we discussed several different reasons why people might become stressed.  We also touched upon how everybody reacts and handles stress differently and that certain people may be able to take on more  stress than others.  Hopefully, most people don’t take their stress out like the guy in the video.

There are three ways that can help you evaluate decisions better.

1. Seperate decision choosers from evaluators

2. Establish a preset level to abandon the project

3. Involve several people in the evaluation process


Stressors are the causes of stress — any
environmental condition that places a physical or emotional demand on the
person. People may not even realize that some of the stressors they are expriencing constantly effect their daily lives

What do you think?

Decision Making

Decision making is something that is very important in our life in most of every aspect. When you have a problem you need to go with the right decision to reach a solution to the problem .

Intuitive Decision making- is the ability to know when a problem or opportunity exists and select the best course of action without conscious reasoning.

Stress is an adaptive response to a situation that is perceived as challenging or threatening to the persons well-being.

Stressors are the causes of stress any environmental condition that places a physical or emotional demand on the person.

Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs has 5 levels.

1. Physicological – this level would contain everyday necessities to live. Ex: eating, breathing, sleeping
2. Safety – in this level Maslow expresses that people need to feel a sense of comfort and security. Ex. security in your job, your shelter, and your health
3. Belongingness- the 3rd level is when people are mostly in need of a social life. Ex: friends, family
4. Esteem- after completing levels one through three people tend to work more towards improving themselves. Ex: having confidence, achievement, self esteem
5. Self- actualization- the final level of his hierarchy, is conquered by very few. Ex: lack of prejuidce, acceptance of facts, understanding yourself and others.

Although Maslows Hieracrchy of needs scientifically lacks the most reseach out of the others that we studied. It is used by most psychologists and is widely studied throughout the world on analyzing behavior

I found an article that is interesting because most people, especially in psychology use this model to learn from, this author has written a book about finance and has turned maslow’s hierarchy of needs into a financial model.