Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs has 5 levels.

1. Physicological – this level would contain everyday necessities to live. Ex: eating, breathing, sleeping
2. Safety – in this level Maslow expresses that people need to feel a sense of comfort and security. Ex. security in your job, your shelter, and your health
3. Belongingness- the 3rd level is when people are mostly in need of a social life. Ex: friends, family
4. Esteem- after completing levels one through three people tend to work more towards improving themselves. Ex: having confidence, achievement, self esteem
5. Self- actualization- the final level of his hierarchy, is conquered by very few. Ex: lack of prejuidce, acceptance of facts, understanding yourself and others.

Although Maslows Hieracrchy of needs scientifically lacks the most reseach out of the others that we studied. It is used by most psychologists and is widely studied throughout the world on analyzing behavior

I found an article that is interesting because most people, especially in psychology use this model to learn from, this author has written a book about finance and has turned maslow’s hierarchy of needs into a financial model.